The BH&PS has a number of exhibit spaces devoted to Bristol history with items belonging to Bristolians of long ago.   The Children's Room has toys, dolls, doll houses, baby cradles.  The general Exhibit Room has writing boxes, spectacles, tables, chairs, portraits, hand made slippers, gloves, ink wells, hair combs, signs, fire buckets, ship models and more. The Meeting Room has a portrait collection of early Bristolians.  We also have a gravestone of importance brought in from the East Burial Ground, a wooden Indian, maps, inventories, diaries, books, prints.   And there are additional collections from the far reaches of the world some of which we still don't know why we have such as an amazing collection of artifacts from the South Sea Islands.  

Do you have family artifacts that you would like to donate to the Society? If so, please contact our Curator, Reinhard Battcher, at or 401-253-7223.
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