To do genealogical research at the Society during open hours, it is necessary to call in advance to be sure there is a staff member or a volunteer with knowledge of the Library and the Document Room to assist you.  If needed, a special appointment may be arranged on other days.  Basic research in the Library and Document Room is free to Society members. There is a per diem charge for non-members.

The Society has a Genealogy Club which meets at 9 a.m. on the first Saturday of the month (except for July and August) which anyone may join at no charge.  Click on Genealogy Club on the left of this page for more information.

The Society has primary resource documents and books on many Rhode Island families in addition to local family genealogies (see list below).  The Library has the complete and invaluable set of James N. Arnold's Vital Records of Rhode Island, 1636-1850.  This resource is also available at HeritageQuest, an online library accessible for free for RI residents with their Ocean State library card (see below).

The Bristol PHOENIX Newspaper is an additional resource for genealogists tracing Bristol ancestors.  Check out the DIGITAL ARCHIVE OF THE BRISTOL PHOENIX newspaper which is indexed back to 1833 and you may search by year or browse by keyword.  Go to:

OCEAN STATE LIBRARY CARD:  Rhode Island residents with an Ocean State library card have access to many free online genealogical resources including:
  • at Rogers Free Library, 525 Hope Street, Bristol, RI.  Will need to use the Library's computers to log on and access is free.  Hours are:  Mondays through Thursdays, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • is a library within itself and may be accessed for free online at the Pawtucket Public Library website from your home computer using your Ocean State library card id #.  Go to and click on E-Resources at the top and scroll down to Genealogical Resources.  This opens a page with many links, some of which are private membership organizations and will require a paid membership.  Scroll down to HeritageQuest online and click the "Connect Now Remotely" link and enter your Ocean State library card id #.
The following Rhode Island families have files in the Society's Genealogy File drawers unless noted.  Some genealogical charts are also located in the Library. List current as of May 2016.  Please click on pdf link below or review list below. 

BHPS Genealogical and Biographical Files.pdf
101.1 KB

             Almy Family

Andrews, Robert, Sylvia, Eliza

Babbitt, Jacob

Bache, Evelyn and family

Balzano family

Bates Family

Bennett Family

Black – see Trotter – Black

Blagrove Family

Bosworth Family See: Gardens, Bristol History of

            Bosworth, Roswell

Bourn/Bourne Family

Bowen Family 

Bowerman Family

Boynton family

Bradford Family – LeBaron family See: Gardens, Bristol – History of

            Bradford, Leonard Jarvis

            Bradford, Parnell           

            Bradford, William, Senator

Bragg, Henry, John

Briggs, see Goodwin Family

Briggs, Ruth, Col. – see Embroideries

Bristed, John, the Reverend

Brown, see Paine – Brown Family, also Moses Brown Ives

Brown Family, “The Browns of Providence” by George C. Hull

Brownell Family, letter by Geo. Howe 

Bullock Family

            Bullock, Emma Wescott , see also Wescott, Stukeley

Bunn Family

Burnham Family, see also War, Civil War, Burnham letter

Burnside, Ambrose

Byfield, Nathaniel Family

Cady Family – occupants of Jail Building

Calder, see also Gladding – Smith - Calder

Carr Family

Cary Family

Chadwick Family

Chase Family of Prudence Island

Champlin Family

Church Family, see also Warren Family

Church, Capt. William Howe

            Church, Helen

Cirillo Family

Clark, Jeremy of Newport

Codman family

Coggeshall and Allied Families

Coit, David A. & Family, see also Goodwin See also Scrimshaw

Cole Family, Bristol & Warren, RI

Collins Family

Colt Family – see files in Document Room under Benson files

Cook Family – Genealogical chart in bottom cupboard

Cummings Family

Darling family – see Cuba files in Document Room

DeWolf Family Genealogy

DeWolf, Abigail

            DeWolf family files and History of

DeWolf, Charles

DeWolf, General George

DeWolf - Herreshoff, Louise & Katherine

DeWolf, James, will

DeWolf, James A., Dr.

DeWolf, John, Capt. and “Farmer”, genealogical chart for John DeWolf and wife

            Susan (Reynolds) DeWolf in bottom cupboard

DeWolf, John – “Norwest”

DeWolf, John, Professor, “Fesser John”

DeWolf, Levi

            DeWolf, Mark A.            

            DeWolf, Obituaries

            DeWolf, William Henry

            DeWolf, William in Cuba, Will and Lawsuit

            DeWolf, Winthrop

Diman –Dimand Family

            Diman, Byron

Diman, George Waters - book

Diman, Henry Wight

Diman, Martha - Diary

            Dimond, Francis Moore

Dimock, Joseph and family

Doringh Family See: Gardens, Bristol, History of

Drowne Family

Drury – Goodwin, Daniel and family

Easterbrooks Family

Eddy Family

Esleeck – Childs Family

Evans family

Ezikovich Family

Fales Family

Fay family

Freeborn, James Thomas, carpenter

French Family

Fulton family

Gibson – Knowlton Family

Gladding, Charles & Lillian Family

Gladding, Hawkins Family

Gladding, John – 2 tubes of genealogical charts in bottom cupboard of library

Gladding, Miriam Family

            Gladding, Smith, Calder Family

Goff Family

Gooding Family

Goodwin, Daniel, see Drury – Goodwin

Goodwin Family – Coit, Briggs and others

Gorham Family – Notes on Providence Line

Gray, Edward of Plymouth

Greenhill Family

Guiteras Family

Haffenreffer Family See: Haffenreffer Museum

Hall Family See: Gardens, Bristol, History of.

Halsey Family, see also Winthrop – Halsey

Hawkins, see also Gladding - Hawkins Family

Healy Family

Henshaw Family

Herreshoff Family

Hoar/Hoare Family

Holbrook – Weaver Family

Howe Family

Howe, Halsey DeWolf, Reverend

Howe, Herbert, Sr. “Reminiscences of Bristol Youth”

Howe, George Locke

            Howe, Mark Anthony DeWolf – poetry

            Howe, Wallis E.

Howes, Thomas – Genealogical chart in bottom cupboard

Howland Family

Hubbard Family

Ingraham Family – see also Minturn Family – Genealogical chart in bottom cupboard

James Family of Bristol and Newport,  RI. See also John DeWolf, Jr.

Jolls, Thomas Family

Jones Family – Capt. Tom Jones

Kimball, William B.

Kinder Family

King, Clement Family

King Phillip or Metacom

Kinnecutt Family

Knowlton, Josephine Gibson – see also Gibson. Also Books – Butterballs and

            Fingerbowls, Longfield

Lawless, Capt. James, died March 29, 1891

Little – Howland Family, see also Russell

Locke, Rev. George Howe – account of voyage to Curacoa

Luther, Giles

Macauley, David, artist, author

Manchester Family

Marshall, Philip

Maxfield family

May Family

McCarthy, William (Bill)

Middleton Family, see also Russell See: Gardens, Bristol, History of

Miller Family (Bristol, Mobile, AL) Miller – Smith – two genealogical charts in bottom


Minturn Family – see also DeWolf Family

Morgan, Alice Bell

Morice, Daniel Nathaniel See: Gardens, Bristol, History of

Munro/Monro Family - Two charts in bottom cupboard

            Monro, Annie, will listing all belongings and heirs, 1907

            Munro, George – Chart in bottom cupboard

            Munro, Letters about

            Munro, Nathaniel – Revolutionary War Service

            Munro, Simeon & Archibald

            Munro, Sylvester

            Munro, Wilfred H.

            Munro, William P.

Newton – Toman Family

Norris Family

Northrup Family

Oliver, Nathaniel, a founder of Bristol, RI

Oxx Family, book in bookcase

Paine – Brown Family, see also Russell – Genealogical chart in bottom cupboard

Paine, William, Sailmaker

Pardee Family – Alice DeWolf Pardee, Nancy Abercrombie

Paull Family

Peabody – Peabodie - Sisson

Pearse Family – Pearce family chart in bottom cupboard.

Pearse, Lydia, will of 1801

Pearse, Richard Family

Pearse, Samuel Family

Pearse, Capt. William Family

Peck Family

Perry Family

Pineo Family

Pozzi family

Potter, Hopestill (Reynolds, Walley, Ware)

Potter, Simeon. See also DeWolf

Pratt see ivory, scrimshaw

Quinn, Anthony

Reynolds Family

Richmond Family

Rogers – DeWolf Family

Rosbotham Family

Russell, Nathaniel, Jonathan Family, see also Paine Family

Sabin Family

Sanford Family

Sanford – Howland Connection

Sanford, Louis C., Bishop of San Joaquin, CA

Santulli Family

Saunders Family

Seymour family – in Cuba files

Simmons Family

Sisson Family with George

Slocum Family

Smith, Richard D. – son of John Smith from Hartford, CT

Smith Family, Richard Smith of Bristol see also Gladding – Smith Family. Genealogical

            chart in bottom cupboard  Smith, Benjamin Bosworth, Bishop

Soule, George, of the Mayflower

Southworth Family – see also Church Family

Spalding, Edward – see also Manufacturing, Sugar Refineries

Springer Family

Spooner family – see also Bourne, Manchester, McCaughy

Swan Genealogy

Taylor Family

Tessler, Helene

Thayer Family, also Levere, Viera, Breen

Thompson, Cephas, Cephas Giovanni

Thompson Family, Edward, Fireman

Thorp Family – see Cards, Funeral

Throop Family, see also Waldron Family

Toman Family, see Newton – Toman Family

Townsend family

Trotter  - Black Family

Usher Family, Hezikiah, Bookseller, and John, Lt. Gov.           

            Usher Family, Thomas Jefferson

Waldron Family

Walker, Thomas

Wardwell Family

Warren Family see also Church, Southworth

Weaver Family, see also Holbrook – Weaver

Wescott, Stukeley – Bullock, Emma Wescott Family

Wight Family

Williams, Fielding L. Family

Williams, Roger family

Wilson Family

Winthrop - Halsey Family

Young Family

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