Historic Walking Tours

 All tours begin and end at the Society, 48 Court Street,
unless otherwise noted.

Call the Society at 401-253-7223 to verify tour direction.  
Tours will be cancelled in heavy rain.

Specialty Tours:

$10 for non members, $5 for members of the BH&PS
Meet at the Society at designated time.

Sunday, October 1st at 2 p.m.
"Downtown Bristol Tree Walk"
Tour Guide:  Bill Chittick

Walk the streets of downtown Bristol and discover many historic trees which are sometimes not noticed by the casual observer.   Bill Chittick with his almost photographic memory knows every tree AND also knows the trees which are no longer there!   Founder of Bristol's original Tree Society, he has a wealth of knowledge about trees and the landscape which he loves to share with participants.

Saturday, October 7th at 2 p.m.
"Women of Bristol"
Tour Guide:  Clara Read

Participants on the tour learn about the houses of such notable Bristol woman as Alice (Bell) Morgan, who lived and taught in Istanbul, gave lessons on finance, and appeared on the quiz show, the $64,000.00 Question.  The tour also includes the houses of the Codman sisters and the Barnes sisters, who, as Boston residents, built large summer homes in Bristol.  Other stops include the homes of Izannah Walker, one of the first early 19th century doll manufactures, Mary Lee Cantwell, author and memoirist, and Alice DeWolf Pardee, prolific author and co-founder of the Bristol Art Museum

Sunday, October 8th  @ 2 p.m.
 "Bombed and Burned"
Tour Guide:  Rei Battcher

On the afternoon of October 7, 1775, a squadron of British ships, lead by Captain James Wallace, left Newport and sailed into Bristol.  After firing a salute, the town’s leaders were asked to meet Wallace to discuss British demands.  The residents refused.  The British then bombarded the town with cannon balls, shells and animal carcases for about an hour and a half.  Meanwhile, Simeon Potter boarded Wallace’s ship, and negotiated cease fire.  Wallace demanded 200 sheep and 30 cattle, but the town was unable to comply, not having sufficient stock.  Eventually, the British accepted 40 sheep in exchange for a peaceful departure from Bristol.  Remnant cannonballs and other shot from the bombardment are held in the BHPS’s collections.

Sunday, October 29th @ 5:30 p.m.
"Sunset Tour of Historic Juniper Hill Cemetery"
Tour Guide:  Chris Fletcher


The tour will be led by arborist and historian Chris Fletcher and will walk through the winding lanes of Juniper Hill's National Register Cemetery.  This landscape is significant for its mid-19th century ornamental design.  Inspired by early Victorian romantic notions of nature, art, and death, the peaceful setting with long views to Bristol Harbor contain a wide variety of specimen trees, including linden, juniper, beech, and oak.  A limited number of lanterns will be available but it would be best to bring a flashlight.

Thursday Walking Tours of Downtown Bristol 

 Thursday Afternoons at 3 p.m. from June through October

Free to BHPS Members, $5  for Non-Members

July & August 2017 Schedule for Thursday Tours

July 6:   Shaded High Street
(guide Rei Battcher)
July 13:  Democracy in Spite of Itself
(guide Clara Read)
July 20:  Russell Warren Houses
(guide Rei Battcher)
July 27:  Hither & Yon
(guide Rei Battcher)
August 3:  Once Around the Common
(guide Rei Battcher)
August 10:  Back Door Gossip
(guide Rei Battcher)
August 17:  Byfield Street

(guide Rei Battcher)

August 24: Hither & Yon

(guide Rei Battcher)

August 31:  Russell Warren Houses
(guide Rei Battcher)

September & October 2017 Schedule for Thursday Tours

September 7:  Women of Bristol
(guide Rei Battcher)
September 14:  Shaded High Street
(guide Rei Battcher)
September 21:  Back Door Gossip

(guide Rei Battcher)

September 28:  Once Around the Town Common

(guide Rei Battcher)

October 5:  Democracy in Spite of Itself
(guide Clara Read)

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